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lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Skiss A/W: The Infinity dress

So while I was working in the Skiss upcoming collection this summer I was reading a lot of fashion magazines and blogs who told me that the next in thing was going to be the late 70's, well, this is one of the dresses we came up with, and as in the late 70's in Spain we're suffering the second big crisis in our country and what's better than having a polyvalent dress that you can wear in many different ways.

Today we introduce you the infinite dresses collection. This is the first one (and a personal fav)

1. The original model with a belt.

2. We didn't want our model to melt so we forgot about the leather jacket that could go perfect with this outfit and put her one of the sweaters of our collection.

3. We put a pin in the back, joining together the two sides. The dress now looks more fancy but you can make it more informal if you wear it with a floppy hat or a suede jacket.

Modelo: Irene
Vestido: Skiss
Sueter: Skiss
Cinturón: H&M

4 comentarios:

Andi Cui dijo...

Me encanta!!!!
Es super versatil!

Las Lolicas de siempre dijo...

Gracias por tu comentario ;D

Muy bonito el vestido!!


FashionFreak dijo...

Qué bonito este vestido! Me encanta la caída que tiene, es super favorecedor... y además queda bien tanto para llevarlo solo como con el jersey, ¡qué artista eres!

1 beso

Isabel Bianchi dijo...

Me encanta el vestido! Cada foto y look tiene un rollo diferente y hoy por hoy se necesitan prendas que jugando con sus acompañantes parezcan distintas cada vez que las lucimos. No se si me explico... jeje!
Un besote guapa!!
Take care!