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miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Being an outsider is kind of cool

The first time I heard of Band of outsiders was reading an old review of Pulp Fiction in one of my dad's music magazines.

I was like a nutcase looking for a copy of the Jean Luc Godard's film that had inspired the dancing scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

Obviously the film was awesome.

The second time I heard of Band of Outsiders we were speaking about fashion. Someone was telling me to check out the brand's lattest collection...

Obviously the name said it all.

The models looked like a brand of outsiders, maybe a bunch of kids wearing clothes 90's inspired but at the same time with the freshness Grunge should have in 2011.

Without the need of the so much used and abused holes Scott Sternberg had achieved something I've been looking for too long, something grunge but at the same time quirky and obviously different in its elegance.

As I kept looking into their web and their 2011 fashion show I kept falling in love with everything over and over again. Not only the clothing is awesome but it has a remarkable quality.

Obviously his price tags go way over my budget but the way of put all of them together have become an inspiring folder in my laptop.

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it's great!

Isabel Bianchi dijo...

Long time no see, Laumika!! Espero que todo bien!! Yo también sigo a esta marca desde hace tiempo!! Esta colección que nos muestras me flipa!!