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sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

So recently I've been really busy. I've recently moved to London and I'm still settling down but I have better plans for the blog and as soon my sewing machine's here with me or I cheat on her with another one I'll be updating with new tutorials and all the stuff I've been working in for my Winter's wardrobe (even though you feel kind of lazy when you have an amazing shop at every single step)
But my flat mate, who is adorable and one of my BF is kind of obsessed with Rihanna. Obsessed to the level he managed to make me hum under my breath her songs all of the time, I really need to buy headphones so I can listen to my music without being poisoned by pop, but either way I have to give this kind of music the credit of doing amazing video clips. Really enjoyable, so I've decided to make a list about amazing costume design in video clips.

5. The amazing thing about Hole is that there was not costume design behind. They're just punk kids, it was the 90's and grunge was big. The result is that Courtney Love's black-white collar dress is a must have for lot of girls.

4. Terry poison. They're like the funniest girl band I've ever heard, and always amusing our parties and it reminds me of Valencia, and my friends who always used to Dj it for me when they were working.
In my to do list is still a feathers hairband. As soon I have time I'm doing one for myself.

3. Hola a todo el mundo is a Spanish band from Madrid that had managed to merge together the folk of Devendra Banhart and electronic music.
They're F**ing amazing. And this is a great video. There's not much about costume design, just regular clothes but they give it a folk hint that make you fall in love with it. And obvio, the song... is amazing.

2. When we talk about fashion, We found love in a hopeless place actually makes you feel as if you were in the late 80's, with the rave movement starting and just wishing to chop off all of your sweaters, being partying all day long and having a boyfriend as handsome she has in the video... and obviously skipping the whole drugs part.

1. When I grow up I want to be Juliette Lewis. She did it first and she did it better. Fact.

Don't get me wrong, they're a lot of female rock/punk musicians I love like Katheleen Hanna, but we're talking about fashion. And in 2006 Juliette Lewis managed to bring back The Runaways vibe.

I know I left a lot of clips behind, but let's be honest here, this would had end up being a Cindy Lauper post cause I always wanted to wear a white wavy skirt and dance in sync with my friends while 80's music sounds in the background.

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Santiago Basallo dijo...

tu blog me ha encantado! espero que te guste el mio:

mamaartista dijo...

Que videos tan elegantes! me encantan. No conocia tu blog, pero desde hoy te seguire muy de cerca. un saludo desde, espero que te pases y me digas que te parece.


lemARTE dijo...

Queda pendiente echarle un vistazo a algún videoclip que no hemos visto y a tus tutoriales!!

Somos dos chicas de Bellas Artes... :)