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lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

The return of the Party

Saturday was one of the worst best nights in my life. I was burglarized. Goodbye to the BB, ID, School ID, everything!

All the happiness because "The return of the Party" were back in town went away when we noticed our belongings had been stolen.

But well, in tough times is when you notice who are your friends. Everyone tried to make the night better and it was.

So thanks to you all for make us smile even though we just wanted to tear heads away!

But not everything has been partying this weekend. On friday we made a fabrics shopping spree to Alicante.

The shop didn't ressult to be as cheap as we thought but we found trimmings.

There's been tons of sewing but I want to make things fine so I'm taking it slow and not allowing the euphoria to take over me and screw some dress.

Soon, very soon in X gone Y.

viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Permanent revolution

I've been reading Trotsky a lot lately.

I've burned my retinas looking at the laptop screen as I was remembering the whole theory. I don't know why but lately I feel more close to this kind of thinking. I know the whole concept is kind of difficult to achieve, but I think is happening.

I don't know if he was thinking about the Globalization , or the INTERNET phenomena, but is happening.

People is sharing, learning things, questioning themselves and everything.

We're no longer a conformist society, we're growing to be a brand new generation of people who I think is going to make things better.

Or I hope.

Until then, I'm going to stick reading more and more, because if there's a concept totally tangled with the Trostkism is that you, as human being, have the capacity of thinking, learning and questioning things no matter what.

And that's what make us different as individuals.

Under this concept I'm starting a project I'll soon share with you, is actually a school project but I think it could work, so I'm going to share it with you all soon.

And oh! By the way this is a contest I joined in. Maybe you've noticed in the left of the blog page, you just need to get in the page and make your wish list, remember to put my blog as place you've learnt about the contest.

The winner would win a 500€ check.

Good luck people!

And this are totally unrelated pictures from Friday... maybe there was some revolution in Piccadilly Downtown Club too.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

It's already in a High School or a mall near you

Són las 4:00.

Y yo sigo buscando imagenes sobre la Cultura Grunge (Llamarla subcultura es un talto insultante) para un proyecto de clase.

Se que no tengo que entregarlo hasta Febrero, pero estoy enganchada. (Cuando lo acabe subire un resumen)

Me siento revitalizada, recordando cuando escuchaba 7 Year Bitch, Hole, Nirvana, Bikini Kill, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden... y han vuelto a mi blackberry. (Nirvana nunca se ha ido de mi lista de reproduccion.)

A un nuevo banner para el blog, y dos horas menos de sueño, que realmente necesitare mañana.

Por los viejos tiempos... y la buena musica

Estoy cansada, me queman los ojos y aun asi no puedo parar de clicar en mas y mas links...


It's 4:00am in the morning.

I keep looking images about Grunge Culture (cause call it subculture is kind of insulting.) for a project I have for school. I know... is not due until February, but I'm hooked with it.

I feel so alive, remembering when I used to listen 7 Year Bitch, Hole, Nirvana,Bikini Kill, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden... and they are back in my Blackberry. (Nirvana never left my reproduction list.)

A new blog banner and two hours of sleep that I'm going to need tomorrow.

For the old good times... and good music.

I'm tired, my eyes are burning but yet again I can't stop learning about it.

Sweater: Second Hand
Leggins: Zara
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Fórmula Joven (El Corte Ingles)