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martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

X gone Y 12: Two of a Kind

La falda de media capa es bastante sencilla.

Para averiguar el largo del radio, solo has de hacer esta sencilla ecuacion: Semiperimetro de cintura/PI

Puedes hacerla del largo que quieras, y siempre queda bien. Yo por ejemplo he elegido dos largos.

El largo por encima de la rodilla y

el largo por el tobillo,

que sigo diciendo son un must de esta temporada.

La distancia desde la cintura al largo la eliges Tu.

Juega con ella.

Y estas tres faldas las puedes encontrar en X gone Y.

Con ofertas y un modico precio.

Echale un vistazo. Es gratis....

jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

X gone y 11: Back to the70's

I've been busy, mostly sewing and screwing a whole set of hot pants that I had to deliver to some friends. I hate when that happens, mostly because I was using pleated skirts to make the pants and now I have to find new skirts for make them.

I'm working on the tutorial of a jumpsuit that is gonna be great, in the previous entry you have how to make the base pattern.

I don't have much else to share, only that I've got a new prize from No me toques el Coco Chanel.
She has a great blog and she's also an stylist. I would like to have the img so I could nominate seven more bloggers, so I'll wait until she sends it to me.

I've been also having a week of back to the 70's.

I bought some wide leg pants in Sfera's Sales which are the best ones around for buying low price jeans, by the way, and I love them.

I like that now we can wear all kind of pants without worry about if they're in or not. I suppose you just need to be careful with abuse of the whole 70's look.

That's what happened to me when I found some gorgeous glittering wide leg pants in a street market.

The euphoria made me buy them and then, when I looked at them twice I became aware that they were awful, so I had to cut them off and made them hot pants, because they looked like Saturday Night Fever meets Starsky & Hutch.

Still working in the new tutorial.

Pants: Second hand
Boots: Coolway footwear
Sweater: Mark's and Spencer (Old)