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sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

So recently I've been really busy. I've recently moved to London and I'm still settling down but I have better plans for the blog and as soon my sewing machine's here with me or I cheat on her with another one I'll be updating with new tutorials and all the stuff I've been working in for my Winter's wardrobe (even though you feel kind of lazy when you have an amazing shop at every single step)
But my flat mate, who is adorable and one of my BF is kind of obsessed with Rihanna. Obsessed to the level he managed to make me hum under my breath her songs all of the time, I really need to buy headphones so I can listen to my music without being poisoned by pop, but either way I have to give this kind of music the credit of doing amazing video clips. Really enjoyable, so I've decided to make a list about amazing costume design in video clips.

5. The amazing thing about Hole is that there was not costume design behind. They're just punk kids, it was the 90's and grunge was big. The result is that Courtney Love's black-white collar dress is a must have for lot of girls.

4. Terry poison. They're like the funniest girl band I've ever heard, and always amusing our parties and it reminds me of Valencia, and my friends who always used to Dj it for me when they were working.
In my to do list is still a feathers hairband. As soon I have time I'm doing one for myself.

3. Hola a todo el mundo is a Spanish band from Madrid that had managed to merge together the folk of Devendra Banhart and electronic music.
They're F**ing amazing. And this is a great video. There's not much about costume design, just regular clothes but they give it a folk hint that make you fall in love with it. And obvio, the song... is amazing.

2. When we talk about fashion, We found love in a hopeless place actually makes you feel as if you were in the late 80's, with the rave movement starting and just wishing to chop off all of your sweaters, being partying all day long and having a boyfriend as handsome she has in the video... and obviously skipping the whole drugs part.

1. When I grow up I want to be Juliette Lewis. She did it first and she did it better. Fact.

Don't get me wrong, they're a lot of female rock/punk musicians I love like Katheleen Hanna, but we're talking about fashion. And in 2006 Juliette Lewis managed to bring back The Runaways vibe.

I know I left a lot of clips behind, but let's be honest here, this would had end up being a Cindy Lauper post cause I always wanted to wear a white wavy skirt and dance in sync with my friends while 80's music sounds in the background.

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Skiss A/W: The Infinity dress

So while I was working in the Skiss upcoming collection this summer I was reading a lot of fashion magazines and blogs who told me that the next in thing was going to be the late 70's, well, this is one of the dresses we came up with, and as in the late 70's in Spain we're suffering the second big crisis in our country and what's better than having a polyvalent dress that you can wear in many different ways.

Today we introduce you the infinite dresses collection. This is the first one (and a personal fav)

1. The original model with a belt.

2. We didn't want our model to melt so we forgot about the leather jacket that could go perfect with this outfit and put her one of the sweaters of our collection.

3. We put a pin in the back, joining together the two sides. The dress now looks more fancy but you can make it more informal if you wear it with a floppy hat or a suede jacket.

Modelo: Irene
Vestido: Skiss
Sueter: Skiss
Cinturón: H&M

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Being an outsider is kind of cool

The first time I heard of Band of outsiders was reading an old review of Pulp Fiction in one of my dad's music magazines.

I was like a nutcase looking for a copy of the Jean Luc Godard's film that had inspired the dancing scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

Obviously the film was awesome.

The second time I heard of Band of Outsiders we were speaking about fashion. Someone was telling me to check out the brand's lattest collection...

Obviously the name said it all.

The models looked like a brand of outsiders, maybe a bunch of kids wearing clothes 90's inspired but at the same time with the freshness Grunge should have in 2011.

Without the need of the so much used and abused holes Scott Sternberg had achieved something I've been looking for too long, something grunge but at the same time quirky and obviously different in its elegance.

As I kept looking into their web and their 2011 fashion show I kept falling in love with everything over and over again. Not only the clothing is awesome but it has a remarkable quality.

Obviously his price tags go way over my budget but the way of put all of them together have become an inspiring folder in my laptop.

jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

Band of the Week: The Joy Formidable

And if you're actually wondering why just hit the play.
Great lyrics, great performance, insane instrumental section of around 3 minutes that makes your skin sizzle and Ritzy Bryan's absolutelly gorgeous outfit.

And if we need to talk about their two albums, The Big Roar makes worth the long wait since a Balloon Called Moaning.

Their name is not just a coincidence, listening to them, any songwatching them perform is actually the joy formidable.

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Falling in love over again

Besides of the lack of a shop in Spain where you could find Jeffrey Campbell, now we have Ulanka with insane prizes and free delivery expenses which actually was solving reason 1 and 2 of why I hadn't buy a pair of Jeffreys yet, now reason 3 is solved because Jeffrey Campbell has launched their Vegan-friendly collection that you can find in Convert.

It's not a worldwide collection yet but I hope it grows soon.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011


So many talent joined friday afternoon in Valencia:

First of all, Sutja Gutierrez who is... he is... he is the next best thing. I'm telling you, the guy's awesome, his music's awesome... till the point my mother danced and enjoyed this song as if she was 20 again.

And then, Sergio who sometimes I think is just in my mind and that's why he's able to come up with this wonderful posts in his blog. With gif images, videos, and mostly tons of art... he's just that kind of person who seems to have the perfect perspective of everything and that's why he manages to make everythign look so great under his view!

And friends, family who gave so much and asked for so little. Y amigos y familia que dieron mucho y pidieron poco.

It was the perfect eve. Thank you so much.

Fue la velada perfecta. Muchas gracias.


We deliver worldwide and are always glad to make your dream outfit true.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011


As usual I've been kind of missing, but this time it's because the project I've been working in. I'm glad to announce that I'm starting our very own label with two other friends.

We join our different talents in a label:

Julia Prat, who is an amazing talented illustrator and it's going to do the drawings for our T-Shirts that would join together design and also a different patterning and materials.

Secondly Milena Molina, who is a Fashion Design Student. She would work with me in the creation of the clothes.

And finally me. You know what I do already.

(Click the link to watch a video made by: Sergio Pérez during one of our late working sessions.)

The concept of the label it's joining my very abandoned but yet again shyly successful X gone Y label, now under the name SKISS... or not. We hadn't think about that yet. The thing is that we'll have more active tutorials in the blog with the help of Júlia and Milena. And there's a huge part of or collection that it's about recycled clothes.

So... today, we close X gone Y but...

.... it's COMING SOON...

sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Spanish Revolution,

So I've been very busy lately, with my internship, job and working in the project. But somehow, maybe because I was very interested in it, I found time to join the II Spanish Revolution we're working on here.

Tired of the political and economic situation of our country we kind of woke up and since 15 May thousand of hundreds of people are meeting in the principal squares of our country...





And of course in Valencia, we're meeting every single day in the Town hall Square, where we share ideas as in every other Assembly around the country...

And the amazing it's happening. People of all the ages, conditions or political affiliations are sharing a common believe: we're not happy, we're tired to be lied to and we let you "deal" with our situation and we're sick of you just worrying who would win the next elections... things could be better, and we're making them better... and slowly this feeling of indignation it's been spreading around the world.



And I keep getting more news of more and more cities: 700 people met in Brussels, Mexico DF, Helsinky, Rome...

Today I've heard someone refer to us as a virus... and hell take a look at the map... we're, and proud of it.

Because we give the politicians the power... and it's about time we act on their indifference and lies.

I've never felt so proud of being Spanish and a little part of it. Maybe it won't work, but we're trying. And always, a tryout, remains as a part of history. I can't believe I'm living history this way. I mean, I know every day something happens that our grand children would study... but the day of tomorrow, they would ask me where was I while this was happening and I could tell them: I was there, shaping your future with hundreds of thousand of people more.

The rest of our lives starts and it's being shaped right now...

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

First day of internship

So I had just started my internship in a Traditional Valencian Dressing Studio or wich is the same, a place where they do Fallera's typical dresses.

It's amazing.

I was kind of upset at first because I was supposed to do my internship with a Valencian fashion desingner, but I love the switch.

I'm learning how to do corsets (Which is the most important part of it) and I'm making my project joining two concepts: their traditional (and sometimes annoying) system; their fabrics, which are kind of similar to the foulard I'm wearing in the pictures and one of my favourite periodes in fashion design, the 80's.

Which would be something like joining this two pictures.

I'll tell you about it in the future.

I know this summer is all about the 70's... but I like to stick as an outsider ;D.

domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves

Hoy Dani, me ha nominado para una meme, y aunque el pensaba que iba a ser un poco rollo me ha venido de perlas porque esta semana no he hecho mucho, mas que salir y hacer el guiri por Valencia con una amiga que ha venido de visita para ver las fallas.

Asi que ahi van las preguntas:

1. ¿Cual es tu reto?

Vivir algún dia de lo que me gusta.

2. ¿Que le dirías a tu jefe si te tocara la lotería?

Nada, si tuviese un buen trabajo que me gustase continuaria trabajando pero sin el miedo al despido o a llegar a fín de mes. Si fuese en mi trabajo actual le diria que le compro acciones de la discoteca que funciona bastante bien.

3. ¿Que harías si descubrieras que alguien te esta mintiendo?

Nada. Me daria tanta pena que lo ignoraria. Uno solo miente cuando se siente inseguro y no hay nada peor que sentirse inseguro.

4.¿Si se quema tu casa y sólo pudieras salvar una cosa, qué salvarías?

Mi máquina de coser Alfa de 1959 y mi libro de Historia de la moda del Instituto de Kyoto. Són dos regalos muy importantes, posiblemente porque me los hicieron sin preguntar que me apetecia tener y simplemente me los dieron pensando en mi.

5. Entras en un sitio con mucha gente, ¿qué haces?

Salir en cuanto pudiese, mido 1,56 asi que logicamente odio las aglomeraciones, siempre salgo herida.

6. ¿Ves el vaso medio lleno o medio vacío?

Siempre medio lleno, tengo la suerte que en cuanto las cosas van mal muy pronto se ponen mejor, asi que soy optimista por naturaleza... o por experiencia.

7. Te encuentras una lámpara mágica, ¿qué tres deseos pides?

El final de cualquier conflicto bélico que esté teniendo lugar, si, se que es típico, pero realmente lo pediria.

Que el PSOE volviese a ganar las elecciones pq la mera idea de ser governada por un partido que discrimina socialmente a colectivos de nuestro pais me aterra.

Y el tercero se lo daria a mi madre, que seguramente pediria que a todos sus hijos les fuese bien en la vida.

8. ¿Cuál es tu mayor miedo?

Decepcionarme a mi misma.

9. ¿Qué te hace feliz?

Vivir y la libertad de hacer lo que quiera, es decir, el libre albedrío otorgado al ser humano por nacimiento. Cursi, lo se, pero hay lugares donde no tienen la misma suerte que nosotros.

10. ¿Consigues sacar un minuto para ti cada día?

1, 10, 15, 20... soy afortunada.

11. Si pudieras reencarnarte en animal, ¿cuál serías?

Una vaca sagrada en la India o la siguiente mascota de Paris Hilton.

12. ¿Cuál es tu recuerdo más feliz?

No podria elegir sólo uno...

13. ¿En qué ciudad vivirías y por qué?

En Austin, Texas. Me encanta el clima y la mezcla de culturas. Es una ciudad cosmopolita a la par que familiar.

14. ¿En qué crees?

En mi madre.

15. ¿Qué sientes cuando creas?

Plenitud y excitación por ver el producto final.

16. ¿Te gustaría conocer tu futuro?

Soy una firme creyente en la continuidad lineal del tiempo, es decir, estamos en un punto y el siguiente se tiene que escribir, por lo que me alegro de conocer mi pasado a fin de que este afecte al punto siguiente.

17. ¿Qué otros nombres de blog te has planteado antes de decidir éste?

La verdad esque no lo recuerdo...

18. ¿Crees que se pueden hacer buenos amigos a través del mundo blogger que frecuentas?

He conocido a gente maravillosa.

19. ¿Qué libro quedará grabado para siempre en tu memoria?

Como han hecho Dani y Dunia algunos por época:

Un verano en el colegio (No recuerdo a que edad exactamente) nos hicieron elegir un autor de una lista y leer algunas de sus obras. Yo elegí a Maria Gripe... y no me arrepiento, cualquiera de sus libros son algo que todos los jóvenes deben leer, mis favoritos por orden fueron: El ciclo de las sombras, Hugo y Josefina y por supuesto Agnes Cecilia.

Durante la adolescencia, Los Pilares de la Tierra, Mrs. Dalloway, How the García girls lost their accents y La campana de cristal (The bell jar) me marcaron.

1984 y Farenheit 451 porqu me encantan las historias distópicos, y el último libro que me ha gustado ha sido On the Road, de Jack Kerouac.

Y ahora me toca nominar a 3:

Pitifú y Jose.


Oh my dior

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011


.... cause I think the guy took a little bit far his whole doppelgänger game with Dalí...

one thing is that you look like him, the other one is that you need to actually loose your mind like him and start behaving like a complete ass**le...

So let's forget about this and enjoy two things.

The first one:

If you're around come and pay us a vissit...

And the latter, but not less important... The last thing I discovered from Israel,

They're AWESOME!!!