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martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Tye Dye addiction.

When I was a kid as many of the girls of my age and older, I wanted to be Denise Huxtable.
She was outspoken, intelligent, hip and the clothes she sported in every episode were awesome.

It's not usual than an actress is able to have so many impact in her character's clothing election. But in this case, Lisa Bonet was Denise Huxtable.

Years had passed and still she's that bohemian young girl.

It's amazing the power of fashion. When you look at Lisa Bonet right now, in her 40's already is not ridiculous seeing her sporting oversized clothes and dreads.
Is just herself, is that kind of person you know is being faithful to her style and her personality and that fashion is just a way to express it... and not just the summer trend.

... yet again is still cool you can buy so much African-bohemian inspired clothing in high street stores... this summer we all are gonna be Lisa Bonet in the festivals. Look in the magazines looks proposals. I am sure her daughter's in half of them.
You know, peace symbols are hip, I've read somewhere you should get a ying-yang tattoo cause crosses are out for good (god bless whoever that decided it though. It was starting to creep me out the whole Mint Juleps meet a religious fanatic thing.), you don't need to cut your tees cause you can find them that way in Primark, and if you're lucky and is delivery day, the Rolling Stones model... cause obvio! you love the Rollings.

You have their discography... and Hendrix's. (Note Bob Marley is not cool this season, or never. That's too much, you may pass as a stoner or something. And you wanna look like one but not actually being one.)

I am sure you're not gonna look back to your pictures and think "I look ridiculous." Because we all would had love to be in Woodstock in the Aquarium era or in 1999... whichever.

We all are cooler than Lisa Bonet.

... not really. Most of us are a bunch of sold out wankers... but hey! Primark makes our (my) lives easier. I actually can't wait for next season in the charity shops in London.

(Denim jacket: Asos
Dress: Vintage/DIY Tye dye
Sunglasses: Primark)

Sneakers: Primark
Bag: Old.

Editor's note: This post is actually a lame excuse to update pictures of Lisa Bonet. Cause I may  have a long time running girl style crush on her. 

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Apparently now I know what fugly means for real.

Today I was just going to enjoy my night chatting with my mom while listening to Father John Misty.
Maybe eat my weight in edamame and skinny dips and working a little with my sewing machine.
I made the mistake to connect to facebook and I came across this:

Solestruck, the very same page we all love and droll over shoes every day, updated this.... thing? in their facebook page, asking people if they were cool or not.

Definitevly, they're not cool.

Some people says that guns are not the ones that kill people, but yet again people dies for gun shoots every day.

I remember reading a studio like 5 years ago in which they said that every 13 minutes someone was shot. Firearms are the second leading cause of traumatic death related to a consumer product in the United States and are the second most frequent cause of death overall for Americans ages 15 to 24.

And I wonder if glamorize something that should be completly eradicated is ok.

I know we're getting to a point in fashion where the politically incorrect has become a trend.
It was surprising reading an article in the New York Times about Woolrich now selling chinos with a special pocket for a handgun.

And talking with a friend really involved in fashion coolhunting, she told me that apparently guns iconography, as it's been the reigious one for a couple of years now, would be a trend the following seasons...

Apparently the world is full of morons.

And apparently, Solestruck has stop to get a rid of ugly shoes one by one.

Now, they're selling them.