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sábado, 4 de junio de 2011


As usual I've been kind of missing, but this time it's because the project I've been working in. I'm glad to announce that I'm starting our very own label with two other friends.

We join our different talents in a label:

Julia Prat, who is an amazing talented illustrator and it's going to do the drawings for our T-Shirts that would join together design and also a different patterning and materials.

Secondly Milena Molina, who is a Fashion Design Student. She would work with me in the creation of the clothes.

And finally me. You know what I do already.

(Click the link to watch a video made by: Sergio Pérez during one of our late working sessions.)

The concept of the label it's joining my very abandoned but yet again shyly successful X gone Y label, now under the name SKISS... or not. We hadn't think about that yet. The thing is that we'll have more active tutorials in the blog with the help of Júlia and Milena. And there's a huge part of or collection that it's about recycled clothes.

So... today, we close X gone Y but...

.... it's COMING SOON...