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sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Spanish Revolution,

So I've been very busy lately, with my internship, job and working in the project. But somehow, maybe because I was very interested in it, I found time to join the II Spanish Revolution we're working on here.

Tired of the political and economic situation of our country we kind of woke up and since 15 May thousand of hundreds of people are meeting in the principal squares of our country...





And of course in Valencia, we're meeting every single day in the Town hall Square, where we share ideas as in every other Assembly around the country...

And the amazing it's happening. People of all the ages, conditions or political affiliations are sharing a common believe: we're not happy, we're tired to be lied to and we let you "deal" with our situation and we're sick of you just worrying who would win the next elections... things could be better, and we're making them better... and slowly this feeling of indignation it's been spreading around the world.



And I keep getting more news of more and more cities: 700 people met in Brussels, Mexico DF, Helsinky, Rome...

Today I've heard someone refer to us as a virus... and hell take a look at the map... we're, and proud of it.

Because we give the politicians the power... and it's about time we act on their indifference and lies.

I've never felt so proud of being Spanish and a little part of it. Maybe it won't work, but we're trying. And always, a tryout, remains as a part of history. I can't believe I'm living history this way. I mean, I know every day something happens that our grand children would study... but the day of tomorrow, they would ask me where was I while this was happening and I could tell them: I was there, shaping your future with hundreds of thousand of people more.

The rest of our lives starts and it's being shaped right now...