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lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Hoy hemos ido a ver la fábrica de Dolores Cortes... 2 horas en un tren para una visita de 20min aprox.

Eso es todo.

Lo mejor de la mañana ha sido el pequeño shopping spree que hemos hecho. H&M, Blanco y Super Mira.

El Super Mira es un supermercado de zapatos. Inmenso. Con zapatos de todas las clases. Lo que busques, ahi esta.

Y como no, Jose ha encontrado los mejores zapatos, ya que como siempre los zapatos de hombre son 1000 veces mejor que los femeninos.

Asi que pasemos a las participantes en el sorteo que son:





Sick by trend









Today we went over Dolores Cortes' studio.

2 hours in a train for a visit of 20 minutes.
And that's all I have to say about it.

The best of the morning has been going on a small shopping spree. H&M, Blanco, Super Mira...
Super Mira is a shoe's supermarket.

Whatever you're looking for, they have it.

And as usual men shoes were 1000 times better than our shoes.

And of course Jose had found the best shoes ever.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Como el tiempo

Does this darkness have a name?

This cruelty, this hatred, how did it find us?

Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it?

What happened to us that we now send our children into the world like we send young men to war, hoping for their safe return, but knowing that some would be lost along the way. When did we lose our way?

Consumed by the shadows.
Swallowed whole by the darkness.

Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

X gone Y 8: Good girls wear polka dots

I really like wife shirts.They're becoming a basic in the shops, and you can find them to low prices, Yatt for example has a really cool collection of tees for this summer.

But yet again, you can DIY this kind of shirts in a couple of seconds, because if you're not one of the MGMT and they're a basic in your wardrobe you maybe don't want to spend 10€ in a tee and you prefear to DIY and save some money.

You just need to find the right place where you have to cut.

So maybe you'd like to try it with one of your old tees and if you like it, buy one. (Sure, yeah. That's like the lame excuse of download music so if you like you'd buy it later...)

1) Fold the tee making sure the sleeves, the hem and the neck coincide.

2) Put pins in the sleeve and neck so it remains together.

3) You need to mark with your burmester ruler the armhole.

4) Do the same with the neck.

5) Once you had do it with the neck, then you need to sharpen the neck making a new line so it looks good, because if not the neck would be heart shapped and we don't want that.

6) Cut them carefully.

Now, this is optional, I chose to make a pocket with the rests of the sleeve.

7) You need to prove on the tank and make a mark in your breast.

8) Use the sleeve to draw a pocket of around 5cmX4cm.

9) Now sew your pocket over the mark and make sure the fabric is straight. If you want you can use a thread of a different color.

Finally I put this shirt with this polka dots skort that by the way are in the shop already and you can get them to really low price.


miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Who do you think you are?

Estoy realmente emocionada de haber acabado la segunda parte del tutorial al fin. A partir de ahora vamos ha hacer miles de cosas mas.

Seguid las instrucciones, son bastantes sencillas. Espero que ahora pueda actualizar como minimo una vez a la semana con todas las cosas que tengo en stock y que no podia subir porque no habia subido esto primero.

Para las que me han preguntado por el blog/tienda, siento mucho los problemas que han habido.
Estoy trabajando intensamente en ello. Lo prometo.

Y tambien, creo que a peticion general tambien pondre algunos posts de outfits e ideas que considero interesantes y en los que mezclo cosas.

En tiempos de crisis tenemos que aprovechar el armario, y que clase de pseudopunk seria si no lo hiciese?

Y hablando de pseudopunk, este es un estilo que me gusta llamar punkmarine.

Tee: Slipknot (Old, really old.)

Leggins: H&M

Jacket: Vintage

Shoes: Tienda Multimarca

Hairband: X gone Y

A mi me encanta mezclar conceptos, tomar de cada tendencia lo que me gusta. En este caso me encanta que la moda punk haya tomado las tiendas, y comprar cosas que me encantan sea muchisimo mas barato que antes.

En este caso he mezclado tres tendencias que me gustan: lace, punk y navy.

Supongo que todas/os a la hora de vestirnos mostramos una pequeña parte de nosotras/os, en mi caso me ponga lo que me ponga, siempre acaba siendo un poco punky.

Not a problem for me, pero te das cuenta de que realmente, en mi busqueda por definir que era, pregunta que me han hecho desde mi tierna adolescencia, lo mas importante no és que eres, sino quien eres.

Todo lo demas no importa.

Aun hay sorteo chicas.

Olvidaos de seguir los dos blogs porque por alguna extraña razon no va.


I'm really excited about having finished the second part of the tutorial. I suppose you English readers wonder when I would start to translate it. Soon, really soon. I'm really working on it hard.

For all of you who also had problems with the shop, I'm sorry, I also did.

I'm working hard on it.

And responding some requests I had via e-mail, I would start a section where I update with the outfits I find interesting.

In times of crisis we have to take profit of our closet, if not I wouldn't be a really good riott girl.

And speaking about punk and riot, I like to call this outfit punknavy.

Last season punk was in the streets. Raid tights and leggins, band tees. Leather.

I hope it's a trend that is here to stay for long, but if not, I like to mix it with other different things, like navy.

In this case I joined together three concepts: Punk, lace and navy.

Tee: Slipknot (Old, really old.)
Leggins: H&M
Jacket: Vintage

Shoes: Tienda Multimarca

Hairband: X gone Y

I suppose we all show a little bit of ourselves in our outfits. In my case, I use to look like a punk. Not an issue for me, but you suddenly notice that even though I've been trying to answer the damn question of: What are you? (Punk, grunge, hippie...); since I was a teen, the most important thing is not what are you but who are you.

That's what really matters.