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domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Month's Obsession: 30's evening gowns.

I know I'm supposed to be writing the second part of the tutorial, but I lost a piece (again), my machine is making a weird noise (Is starting to bum me out) and I have this huge test tomorrow.

So I've decided to post some inspiring images of the 30's, because I love that era and actually was my costume for this year's Carnival party. (Amusing how so many people recognizes the 20's but not the 30's.)

I don't really use to dress up for this kind of parties, I use to just put on a wig for the fun of it, but this year I kinda got inspired while downloading some books of this amazing page.

It actually teaches you some really good techniques of sewing and, great ideas of how to build a wardrobe, and my favorite ones: tutorials of how to make hats and patterns of clothes of different decades.

As I was reading I discovered that the fashion in evening gowns had changed. I know, I should had figure that one out back in College, when I took Fashion History... but yet again, I rarely attended that class.

In the 30s, the feminine silhouette came back; bosom, and hips were clearly defined by the shape of the clothing and the waistline returned to its natural position.

And my favorite part: bare-backed gowns! Now, that's gorgeous. Actually that's what I told the two girls that asked me for a dress: You're gonna go bare backed.

This is what I wore to the party, a red dress I found in a street market and that I restored to look more 30'sly? Wow, that's a word... cause the blogger Spell check is not marking it.... Amazing.

Anyway, all I did was to tie a belt of the same color in my waist, making two holes in the sides so I could mark my waist and leave the back bare. It looked so good, and I would love to have more pictures but it was freaking cold and I didn't take the jacket off at any moment. Let's hope next time I wear it, is hotter outside because I'm totally going to wear it so many times this summer and I would make photos and update them in Trendation or here, because I simply love this piece of fabric and I think it could look great with Docs and a denim or leather jacket.

The party was not the party of the year, but if you wore a costume you had beer and a tapa for 50c.

All I need to say is that I sported my costume with dignity until 2 am when vowels stopped to be a part of my vocabulary and I started to ramble to whoever that asked me about the dress about the 30's.
As I'm doing right now. So I think I'm going to shut up and come back to study, because one of this days, I actually want to graduate.

12 comentarios:

Elena dijo...

oooh me encantan los vestidos de los años 20´ 30´ hoy justamente estaba viendo la pelicula de "muerte en el nilo" te la recomiendo es una trama cluedo pero los vestidos de encaje y todo son maravillosos!
un besazo

Eye dijo...

Oh my good these are so beautifull!!!

Eye dijo...

These dresses by fidel david are very great!!!
thanks for the link!

lulila dijo...

Ay! con lo que me gusta el terciopelo esa combinación me parece genial!
Yo tb soy fan de Josie:))
Estaba allí y le estaban gravando y él decía lo que llevaba y era tal cual la tele molaba más!

Jade "Purple" Brown dijo...

i would absolutley love to own a vintage gown!

Amandita dijo...

Bueno primero quiero darte las gracias por haber dejado un comentario en mi blog =)que dulce!
A mi me encantan las fotos en blanco y negro, también me encanta saber sobre la roba que se usaba en otras épocas(las modas). Sabes me gusto mucho tu blog es super original.

Marla Singer dijo...

oh wow this is amazing! i love those vintage gowns <33

Los outfits de Lorena dijo...

ohh!!no me puede gustar mas el vestido!!es perfecto :)
1 besazo guapa

Obsesiones de una Nina dijo...

Your costume looks great, any excuse to dress up in a vintage styled gown is a great one!

Jade "Purple" Brown dijo...

thanks for your comment!

Mar Estarellas dijo...

I fell in love with these dresses!

Anónimo dijo...

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