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viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

I'm wide awake, is morning.

It makes me smile proud seeing how our fashion week had grow so much.
And yes, I said our because I've been attending the last five years without missing a single day, and I kinda feel as if I was part of it.

The ambient was amazing. Thousand of people wearing their best street or party outfits to watch the catwalks. It actually made me wonder for a second why do we dress up to attend a fashion week, but my questions were answered the moment I stepped inside the building when the official cool hunter of the Fashion Week asked me to make a photo. You can watch her work in with also a report of the Fashion week that would be updated soon.

The following three days, coolhunters kept coming to ask you to pose for them, which was what lighted a white bulb in my head and I became aware that the Valencia Fashion Week went big while I was doing something else (God knows what...). But what the hell, there's so much talent here, It took me a couple of years to realize it but I did.

Young people are going big and is a fact.

The first designers I fell in love with were Lola Cuello, Georgina Vendrell and Retal Reciclaje. Ok, maybe you can think it was because the two of them won the Zona D contest, but it wasn't because of that. I sat there, and watch from 11 to 16 30 all of what the designers have to show us, and those three were the best ones.

Once it was over the younger designers time (and I said younger because they firms had just started and that's why they took part in Zona D) and the prices were delivered and my heart was touched watching Georgina Vendrell cry and Gonzalo Miró try to make her talk and give thanks, the Fashion week kept going with Alejandro Saez de la Torre, aka Por Fin!, I'm not a real fan of his work, I love his tights. And what the hell, tights in men are cool.

Really cool.

It reminds me of my time when I used to be a real punk kid with stripped tights and all of my clothes were of jersey material. But said is that I'm not much objective. I had the chance to meet him when I attended the EASD, go to his studio and have a long chat over coffees about his work, his carreer and his experience and life and I think it was the last drop I needed in my glass to drop off the School of Design and look for a new carreer path in the Patterning and sewing. His own curiosity about learning the making of the clothes and not only the designing part helped me to understand myself and why was I so down.

Following him, it came Jose Zambrano. I have friends that know him, I had the chance to listening to him talk with them the following day. His oversized sweater touched my heart, again.

The following favorite in my list was Siglo Cero. All white. The monochromatism took the catwalk the following two hours. First with Siglo Cero and their really cool collection for the next winter with all in white. I couldn't help but think about how would Serial Mom react to this.

But Fashion is made to break frontiers, and they made it with honors. I was mouth hang open all the time, when I thought the dress I was watching was amazing they totally redeemed themselves with the following ones. There was a special light during those ten minutes, that was a fact.


And the monochromatism took us to another shocking collection making me declare fan of Juan Vidal. I think the photo talks for itself and that I don't need to say anything else, but that his usage of gabardine elements in dresses was one of the best ideas I saw during the fashion week.

The lady in red, ruled the catwalk.

Jaime Piquer, who offers internships in my school too, and that I'm thinking to ask him to internship over his studio this summer, was amazing. Not much objective again, because as I said a friend of mine works in his studio.

And my last but not less favorites were Ion Fitz, the first one of the February 4th, with the ruffles, the bows, laces and his creamy colors amazed me, cause I'm a declared fan already of bows, ruffles and cream;

and Tonuca.

Who took us to a real circus. The hairdos, the colors and the patterning work was impressive. I'm again a fan of how she took the tamer jacket to a brand new level. The real level of it. Without giving it any other cool element, just the model for itself and the color was enough to make everybody clap her and be the second time I stood on my feet for a designer.

I'm not objective again, cause since the first time I saw the designer with her killing blue hair I acted like a teen watching a BSB in a bathroom.

Cause yeah, lots of stuff happen in the bathrooms too, not only in the Kissing area, the backstage or the halls. Years ago, I saw Tonuca in a bathroom of the backstage, this year it was Rosi de Palma. She got in there like any other mortal with a credential to take a pee, and when she got in the stall I knew the door didn't work and I told her "Rosi (Cause we're totally in first name basis right now) that one is broken." and she said "Then, please don't enter." And when people came in I stopped them to get in there. And then she came out and we started acting like crazy fans. Cause well, we're the Almodovar Generation and she's one of his muses who sports killing Loubutins.

Rosi de Palma was here to deliver the jury prices to the designers and introduce us Maya Hansen. Can you be in love with a collection? I kinda felt like cheating on Siglo Cero or Zambrano, but it was the appropriate way to close the Fashion week. It was amazing, the only bad thing I could say about is, did the models need to be so skinny? I mean it, some of them didn't look sexy with those gorgeous pieces of clothes only the ones sporting leggins.

From here, I encourage Maya Hansen to pick normal girls to wear'em. I know a long list of girls who would offer themselves to sport for a couple of minutes her collection and feel like real sexy pseudo punk girls.

Finally, other of my favorite parts of the Fashion week were, besides of the parties all around the city, the Kissing Area. Where you go in there, meet the designers and take photos in the photocall for the press. Yeah, it's kinda fun they take you photos in that wall just because you're in front of it.

And of course the free white wine they delivered to us along the three days. I need to say that one of the reasons, maybe even the only, I got in there was because of the wine, because I've got friends who are real social butterflies and always approach the designers and congratulate them, but I'm unable to do it. I'm just really shy for that. I already knew it but I discovered it along the week. Everytime a coolhunter or someone I didn't know approached me my conversation skills went dumb and I could just say yes to everything I was told, reason on why I took photos for the different Style Lab coolhunters the whole week without knowing.

But if you want to see all of the happens in the Fashion Week, you just need to enter in


You can watch and enjoy everything there. The amazing thing of the Valencia Fashion week is that they deliver to you invitations to attend it so everybody can watch and enjoy the fashion of the burgeon Valencian designers, and if you can't, you can watch them online.

I was too amazed, having so much fun (and kinda drunk after all the kissings) for take any photo. And I'm also too bad with the camera, my hands are always shaky, so all of the photos of the catwalks are of

Las Provincias database.

And a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer.

And if you were there and approached for cool hunters you can find yourself in these different webs. and I suppose they would also update photos of yesterday's party in Picadilly, so if you passed throw the cool photo call there you know where to find yourself.

They're not updated yet but they would, eventually. Let the bloggers, coolhunters, stylists and fashion designers rest in peace for the rest of the weekend. They kinda deserve it.

But watch it Cibeles, Valencia is waking up.

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pilcuis dijo...

gracias por contarnos tu experiencia :)

Elena dijo...

que guay!:) me encanta!
los zapatos son preciosos!
un besazo preciosa!

Los outfits de Lorena dijo...

como me gustaria haber ido, por lo que he visto en los blogs estuvo genial
1 besazo guapa

Natalia dijo...

Muchisimas gracias! :)
Nunca había recibido un comentario de este tipo, siempre es gratificante que alegen tu estilo.

Creo que es algo natural que sale de la personalidad de cada uno. Es importante seguir tus gustos y no llevar lo que te imponen las industrias, que algunas veces hace que parezcamos idénticos, vayas donde vayas siempre encuentras a alguien con esa camiseta o con ese bolso, ¡hay que elegir y acertar!

He descubierto tu blog y está bastante bien :) me pasaré más a menudo.
De nuevo ¡GRACIAS!

Anónimo dijo...

vegna ekki:)

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