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jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

A girl's guide to fashion #001

Product: Jeffrey Campbell summer platforms.
Price: 90-150
Uses: Wear them a summer afternoon for a drink (No drinks. Massive
quantities of alcohol and these kind of shoes is a bad idea.) with
friends in a local pub with a terrace or for a picnic.
Don't wear them a night out, to work or to any other
activity that involves you walking more than 5 blocks.
Do's for S/S 13: wear them with socks and a circle skirt of
any length, my favourites are the denim circle skirts of 
American Apparel, but if you don't feel like spending more than 
40 pounds in a skirt, because let's be honest, even though I am
a huge fan of AA and their motto of paying their factory workers
a decent wage, (ehem, 2008-2009 scandal, ehem.)
 sometimes 40 pounds for half a meter of cloth poorly sewn together
means just a whole week of Sainsbury basics, and I'm talking about the 
fast self checkout kind of shopping; so you can find a tutorial in this blog if
you feel like sewing. It's extremely easy.
 Do not: If you're over 25, and even if you still can pull it off (It is debatable in my
opinion the whole heels/shorts outfit. It just looks cheap, slutty and ridiculous sometimes...
I just think that's something only Lindsay Lohan can pull it off because you know 
those were the first two things she found around her living room that morning.)
never wear heels of this height with denim shorts,
You're a grown up now for god's shake!