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viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Apparently now I know what fugly means for real.

Today I was just going to enjoy my night chatting with my mom while listening to Father John Misty.
Maybe eat my weight in edamame and skinny dips and working a little with my sewing machine.
I made the mistake to connect to facebook and I came across this:

Solestruck, the very same page we all love and droll over shoes every day, updated this.... thing? in their facebook page, asking people if they were cool or not.

Definitevly, they're not cool.

Some people says that guns are not the ones that kill people, but yet again people dies for gun shoots every day.

I remember reading a studio like 5 years ago in which they said that every 13 minutes someone was shot. Firearms are the second leading cause of traumatic death related to a consumer product in the United States and are the second most frequent cause of death overall for Americans ages 15 to 24.

And I wonder if glamorize something that should be completly eradicated is ok.

I know we're getting to a point in fashion where the politically incorrect has become a trend.
It was surprising reading an article in the New York Times about Woolrich now selling chinos with a special pocket for a handgun.

And talking with a friend really involved in fashion coolhunting, she told me that apparently guns iconography, as it's been the reigious one for a couple of years now, would be a trend the following seasons...

Apparently the world is full of morons.

And apparently, Solestruck has stop to get a rid of ugly shoes one by one.

Now, they're selling them.

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