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jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Valencia Fashion Week or how I managed to miss every single show I wanted to watch.

I kinda missed my favs. Yeah, I was around the VFW as usual, but I managed to miss some of my favourite designers.

The most important ones, were doing performances at 12:30 in the morning... and as much I had tried for years to be in time for the morning shows I never, absolutely never accomplished it... mostly if Jose isn't picking me up as usual.

And if you add up the fact that Absolut Vodka was the Sponsor of the Kissing Area... well, let's just say that I rather go with the online videos than actually try to remember whatever I saw... cause I had as many as possible FREE gin-vodkas I could... (Bloody Maries if it was lunch time)

So let's enjoy together a little bit of what I actually missed... or was... whatever...


Obviously, whoever was recording this was following Diego alll around, he's the second to last guy. It's just the carousel but you can take a look to her upcoming A/W collection there and in the link above.

We fell in love with her collection when she was participating last year in Zona D.
We saw her collection, we fall in love with it, and afterwards we fall in love with her when she won and couldn't make a word. It was just amazing.


I just love his art....


And as favourites shows I managed to watch and enjoy I must make a mention to Julio Almiñana. I didn't know the guy but his idea of put a dancer in the middle of the catwalk and made the models look at her with hate totally rocked it...

Le freak Ole!
If you're Spanish you maybe know them from Trendtation. They were the closing, pretty good for being their first time in Valencia, uh?
They're a couple of amazing girls from Madrid. They mix tons of cultures in their designs and are able to spawn things as awesome as these:

And as usual, while this was happening I was in my way... in a bus... opposite direction may I add.

And of course, Siempre Es Viernes. Not only their collections are fun and refreshing, but the guys are awesome. They're unique. I had the chance to meet them last s/s and they were the most polite and nice designers in the backstage. There was tons of black in all of the collections, but they managed to give it the funny touch they give to all their clothes. REFRESHING! That's what we all thought... but the grannies that managed to screw the whole show with their comments about how everything was filled of holes, speaking about that... PLEASE, STOP GIVING INVITES TO OLD WOMEN... IF THE BUS ARRIVES TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY'RE INVITED FOR FREE YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THEY WOULD BE ATTENDING!!!

And coming back to Siempreesviernes... amazing, uh?

And I spent a whole week fantasizing about the scarf/hood/whatever it was thing the models were wearing in their heads...

And I got inspired...

And this is what I came up with

Safety Pins + 1/2 x 2 meters of black cotton fabric.

You just need to join the ends with the safety pins...

Et voila, hope you like it ;D

P.D If you want to see more imgs of the VFW, click here

12 comentarios:

Lydia dijo...

me encnta tu chupa vaquera!!

xcierto, fui al mercado de convento jeruslaen y me compre una chaqueta vaqera, de shorts o vaqueros para poder personalizar, nada... eran tallas para hombre XXXL


Anónimo dijo...

tres interessant, merci

Natalie Charlotte Turner dijo...


volvi ya de madrid, y gusto mas valencia, la organizacion, la imagen, todoo...sobretodo el tratamiento de la gente!
ugh jeje

dory dijo...

Gracias, Lau =)
Pues no me quejo, adaptándome al frío y saliendo cuando sale el sol xD

La foto de la señora es una pasada, verdad? aquí las personas mayores son las que más molan, de lejos.

Qtl tú? Un besazo!

Jazzy E (hivennn) dijo...

so lovely. x hivennn

Pointandend dijo...

Que personalidad tienes a la hora de vestir !

Oh to Be a Muse dijo...

thank you for sharing these. some of them are super cool--great outfits!

Los outfits de Lorena dijo...

un 10 para tu look!!me ha encantado lo de los imperdibles =)

Jade "Purple" Brown dijo...

i love the scarf hood ecspecially with all the saftey pins!

Dunia C. dijo...

a mi tb me encantan los tocados-cascos y las bufandas rarunas de siempreesviernes pero ese zorro muerto que llevaba una de las modelos me mata! de todas formas la mezcla elegancia-decadencia me gusta mucho y es muy inspiradora
un beso guapa, y a ver si la proxima vez llegas a tiempo!:D

Clara dijo...

lovely blog!

TONY dijo...

Love your bLOG!! SOoo cool!

All the Best!