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lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

The return of the Party

Saturday was one of the worst best nights in my life. I was burglarized. Goodbye to the BB, ID, School ID, everything!

All the happiness because "The return of the Party" were back in town went away when we noticed our belongings had been stolen.

But well, in tough times is when you notice who are your friends. Everyone tried to make the night better and it was.

So thanks to you all for make us smile even though we just wanted to tear heads away!

But not everything has been partying this weekend. On friday we made a fabrics shopping spree to Alicante.

The shop didn't ressult to be as cheap as we thought but we found trimmings.

There's been tons of sewing but I want to make things fine so I'm taking it slow and not allowing the euphoria to take over me and screw some dress.

Soon, very soon in X gone Y.

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