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domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

X gone Y 8: Good girls wear polka dots

I really like wife shirts.They're becoming a basic in the shops, and you can find them to low prices, Yatt for example has a really cool collection of tees for this summer.

But yet again, you can DIY this kind of shirts in a couple of seconds, because if you're not one of the MGMT and they're a basic in your wardrobe you maybe don't want to spend 10€ in a tee and you prefear to DIY and save some money.

You just need to find the right place where you have to cut.

So maybe you'd like to try it with one of your old tees and if you like it, buy one. (Sure, yeah. That's like the lame excuse of download music so if you like you'd buy it later...)

1) Fold the tee making sure the sleeves, the hem and the neck coincide.

2) Put pins in the sleeve and neck so it remains together.

3) You need to mark with your burmester ruler the armhole.

4) Do the same with the neck.

5) Once you had do it with the neck, then you need to sharpen the neck making a new line so it looks good, because if not the neck would be heart shapped and we don't want that.

6) Cut them carefully.

Now, this is optional, I chose to make a pocket with the rests of the sleeve.

7) You need to prove on the tank and make a mark in your breast.

8) Use the sleeve to draw a pocket of around 5cmX4cm.

9) Now sew your pocket over the mark and make sure the fabric is straight. If you want you can use a thread of a different color.

Finally I put this shirt with this polka dots skort that by the way are in the shop already and you can get them to really low price.


11 comentarios:

dory dijo...

Grande eres tú!!!
madre mía, que utilizas hasta la regla de las sisas, cuando yo meto la tijera a "ojímetro"!!!^^
Muchas gracias, preciosa.

Los outfits de Lorena dijo...

madre mia!!!estas preciosa, llevas un look de 10 =)

1 besazo enorme guapa

Elena dijo...

te digo! vas perfecta!:D
el outfit como dice lorena de 10!;)
esos short me matan! que onitos!
un besazo preciosa!

Las Lolicas de ayer, hoy y siempre dijo...

como ya te he dicho en encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Los shorts son super bonicos!!!!!

Visitanos en nuestro blog si quieres...


pilcuis dijo...

gracias!! me encantan estas wife shirts a mi tambien

un beso guapa

Alan Balthazar Del Angel dijo...

me encanta lo que haces

MissCustom dijo...

Que ilu me ha hecho que pongas mi blog en tu lista!! en serio! ya me he hecho seguidora tuya, sigue asi porque me encanta el blog! un saludo Lau!

MissCustom dijo...

Que ilu me ha hecho que pongas mi blog en tu lista!! sigue asi, me encanta el tuyo, es muy util! un saludo Lau!

Jade "Purple" Brown dijo...

you have style for days!!! i love that polka dotted skiirt paired with brown skippers!

have a great day,


gorgeousclara dijo...

¡qué maña tienes chica!

me encanta la falda

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse dijo...

ah yes! i like this a lot. thanks for sharing the polka dots.