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lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Remember her as a time of day.

I'm lacking of words right now. I really admired her, not only as actress, but also as voice actress in the King of the Hill.

I suppose that when an actress you like dies, the only thing you can do is remember everything she did,

all the movies that are now a part of our lives,

she gave us movies that are icons of our generation,

our pop culture,

part of our filmography favs....

I'm sad, really sad. But the only worth thing I can say at this moment is R.I.P Brittany Murphy and Thank you for please us with your talent.

4 comentarios:

Zoe Miho dijo...

Una gran pérdida, sin duda..
Un besazo y feliz navidad!

LA BURRITA VIEJA magazine dijo...

una pena si..

Joyeux Noël!


Natalie Charlotte Turner dijo...

She was amazing! I loved "just married". So sad!

Anónimo dijo...

Yo me quedé de piedra... Era una chica que me gustaba mucho, y nunca entendí mucho porqué no hacía más pelis... en fin. Al final va a ser cierto que no es oro todo lo que reluce...